Get high quality physiotherapy treatment for back pain and related musculoskeletal problems.

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Image of man with pain in back. Spine is seen with x-ray effect

We treat a wide range of musculoskeletal related back problems.

Your back consists of many bones, tendons, ligaments, muscles and nerves, all of which are at risk of being damaged by the constant wear and tear of every day activities. Injury caused by trauma, poor posture, or other health conditions to any of these areas can cause painful strains, sprains and tears, or other painful conditions such as a herniated disc.

If you're suffering from back pain our highly trained team of Physiotherapists can help you by not only assessing and treating the condition but by also providing education and self-management strategies regarding the condition being treated.

With the right approach our bodies have an amazing ability to recover from injury. Learning to move well and stay active with the right form of exercise and avoiding compensatory movement patterns can not only hasten recovery but reduce the risk of further injury often associated with reduced fitness and overall condition.

Image of man with pain in back. Spine is seen with x-ray affect
Image of Physios at Hawker Place Physiotherapy & Pilates

Physiotherapy in a safe, friendly and professional environment.

At Hawker Place Physiotherapy and Pilates our team of physiotherapists and support staff aim to provide the highest standard of care for our clients in a safe, professional and friendly environment.

We remain up to date with evidence based best practice. Investing in higher knowledge in all aspects of our profession means we can deliver the best possible treatment outcomes for our clients. Located in Hawker (Belconnen) we provide Physiotherapy care to clients throughout Canberra.

Image of Physios at Hawker Place Physiotherapy & Pilates

We are proudly associated with the following organisations.

Australian Physiotherapy Association Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute Sports Medicine Australia Canberra University Canberra University