Hawker Place Physiotherapy & Pilates Newsletter #1

Welcome to the first Hawker Place Physiotherapy & Pilates newsletter! The current plan is to write at least four a year (one each season) – not so many as to bore you but enough so anyone who may be interested can find out what we are up to.

Last year, while very exciting, was also very stressful; we had no phone lines for the first seven weeks – thanks to some inefficiencies within the phone company (I’ll let you guess which one), a few drainage problems – to the point of suffering ‘rain anxiety’ and we also had some unexpected staff changes. Thankfully, these ‘teething problems’ are all now resolved.

I, personally, had almost three weekends a month in Melbourne either completing my Clinical Pilates certification program with The Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI), completing training in jaw pain and dysfunction (clicking and locking etc) and visiting my mother who is in a nursing home in Rosebud.

In July I was told my mother was in liver failure and to ‘prepare myself’ because she was being taken off all medication and placed in palliative care. Of course, in the usual medical irony, it turned out the liver failure was in fact due to the medications and when she was taken off them she recovered completely and is now the best she has been in years!

As many of you are aware our staff has grown considerably and I feel fortunate to have very accomplished physiotherapists working in the practice. They are all wonderful mentors especially for our three new graduates who, after a great deal of deliberation, I decided to take on in September last year. Now, we have a very formidable team that also includes a remedial massage therapist and yoga instructor.

Grant Sutherland and Julia MacDonald are currently completing their Pilates matwork and equipment certification program with the APPI. It is now Grant and Julia that are doing all the travelling to Melbourne. They have their first examination for certification in matwork on the 28th of March and I have my final examination for certification in the equipment series on the same day. By the end of this year we will be the only three fully certified APPI Clinical Pilates Practitioners in Canberra.

Meanwhile, Ashley Wiley has completed her certification in ‘Complex Lymphoedema Management’. There has been a shortage of private practice physiotherapists specializing in this area for many years so we are hoping that she will help fill the gap once we can ‘spread the news’.

Currently we have two students (Kate and Erani) completing their musculoskeletal clinical placement with us. They are excellent, highly motivated students and it has been very rewarding watching them grow and develop their skills. It is reassuring to know that Canberra University is producing future generations of physiotherapists to such a high standard. Our profession is in good hands!

It is energising having the students with us and, as ever, solidifies the strong commitment to ongoing education and development that we foster at the practice – apart from external courses, the physios regularly attend in-house training with invited experts in various fields as well as attending theatre sessions to observe some of our leading orthopaedic surgeons at work.

By the end of this year I will have completed my advanced training in the management of Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction – it’s a mouthful (!) – and usually shortened to TMJ or TMD. This simply means jaw pain and dysfunction such as locking or grinding.

To wrap up, I would like to convey my gratitude for the wonderful support I have had from my family and friends in making this big move and expanding into Clinical Pilates. Two people in particular have been working tirelessly behind the scenes and I feel like they should be acknowledged as they do not appear on the website (something I should perhaps address). Cameron, my eldest son, built and manages my website. It is so much better than the generic website I used to have and we have had lots of compliments regarding it.

My other son, Nathan, was for all intents and purposes, the project manager for the refurbishment of my new rooms and last year he completed the studio downstairs. He is also a brilliant photographer, as many of you know, and some of his work adorns our walls at the practice.

I would like to thank all of our regular clients for their continued support throughout the years, it is an honor knowing that you trust us to help you when you need it. To those who are new, I am so proud of the work we accomplish at Hawker Place Physiotherapy and Pilates, and I hope you can see that we are all committed to providing the highest quality of care so that you are back to your best as soon as possible.

Finally, I want everyone to know how gratified I feel at this time in my life. Two years ago I was considering selling the practice and cutting back my workload. I had been feeling a little tired and burnt out. This new venture has reinvigorated me and I feel so fortunate to have the best team ever – together I feel we are a strong force striving to provide the best service possible for our community.

Kind regards,
Jennifer Kellett.

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About the Author

Jennifer Kellett established Hawker Place Physiotherapy in 1991 and is the principal practitioner of the family run practice. Jenny has served the local communities of Belconnen and North Canberra with commitment and pride for over 26 years. She is a strong advocate for maintaining fitness, health and well being across all age groups and has a keen professional interest in combining Pilates with weight training for treating postmenopausal women at risk of osteoporosis.

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