Hawker Place Physiotherapy & Pilates Newsletter #2

Where do I start?

The past few months have been very hectic, as many of you know. The most exciting news is that both Grant and Julia successfully completed their equipment certification program with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI). They passed their final exams and are fully certified Clinical Pilates Instructors in both matwork and equipment. This means that Julia, Grant and I are currently the only three fully APPI certified practitioners in Canberra!

I feel very proud of Julia and Grant. They have worked extremely hard at the practical and theory components of the course, even attending the clinic outside of their normal work hours to practice.

Ashley has been continuing her studies in Lymphoedema, including on-line tutorials and webinars. She is preparing to do more specialized training early next year to include treatment of the neck and face. She really enjoys this special area of physiotherapy and we feel very fortunate we can now provide this service knowing her clients are in good and caring hands.

The practice has also been abuzz with exciting announcements and celebrations. Julia, Ashley and Grant all became engaged this year – Grant only last week. Ashley had an intimate wedding in June at a beautiful homestead in the Kangaroo Valley. Julia’s wedding will be in April next year.

As for me? I turned 60 in May and had a wonderful celebration with family and friends at the Telstra Tower Conference Centre on the 16th of May. The Tower was even lit up in my favourite colours – green and pink (actually it’s green and aubergine but that may have been asking a bit much!).

Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming. To think two years ago I was contemplating selling the practice and cutting back my work load. The new practice is thriving and has more than fulfilled all my expectations. I feel more excited about my work than ever. I have such a wonderful team all dedicated to their profession and working towards being a Centre of Excellence in both physiotherapy and Pilates. I was thrilled today when a new client walked in and said she had heard from several sources we offered ‘killer Pilates classes!’

Continuing education remains a high priority within the practice culture. Grant and I flew to Sydney in July to have private training in ‘diagnostic real time ultrasound’ and ‘pre and post natal exercise therapy’ with Francine St George and Penny Elliot at the Physiotherapy Academy in Randwick. We are becoming more skilled at locating and retraining muscles involved in core and hip stabilization.

I also completed a course in pre and postnatal Pilates in Melbourne with the APPI. It was very intense and very worthwhile. Then I spent a weekend with Francine St George doing a course in temporo-mandibular (jaw) and cervical (neck) dysfunction.

Over the next month five of us will be doing courses on ‘Understanding Lower Limb Tendinopthy’ and ‘Dynamic Hip Stabilisation’ with an expert in the field, Dr Alison Grimaldi. We are also fortunate to have another expert in this area, Dr Angie Fearon, otherwise known as ‘The Hip Physio’, working one day a week in the practice and providing us with regular inservice. Both Angie and Alison are well respected nationally and internationally and both have many published papers.

Behind the scenes my son Cameron continues to do a great job with the web site and media activity. We have had lots of compliments regarding both areas. Some of you have probably seen the new ads in the Canberra Weekly and City News, Cameron designed these as well.

My daughter Shannon now works for me full time and was instrumental in the transfer to digital filing and training us all in the new system. It was not as painful as I had imagined it might be (apocalyptic). We are now up and running with it and after 25 years of chasing paper files around the clinic, we’ve reached a new level of efficiency.

My Practice Manager, Lizzie, has been training new reception staff and managing the floor and front office so things run as smoothly as possible for our clients and the physio’s.

My son Nathan is about to take new photos of our physios at work and we are planning to shoot some video’s explaining some of the key elements of Pilates to go on our website and perhaps even on YouTube.

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About the Author

Jennifer Kellett established Hawker Place Physiotherapy in 1991 and is the principal practitioner of the family run practice. Jenny has served the local communities of Belconnen and North Canberra with commitment and pride for over 26 years. She is a strong advocate for maintaining fitness, health and well being across all age groups and has a keen professional interest in combining Pilates with weight training for treating postmenopausal women at risk of osteoporosis.

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