Hawker Place Physiotherapy & Pilates Newsletter #3

I am pleased to report that the practice has seen some considerable growth over the past 12 months especially in the area of Clinical Pilates. We now have 34
classes set up for the first term this year. Coinciding with school terms, we run four terms of ten weeks throughout the year. Many of our clients prefer to
continue with classes between terms and we have tried to accommodate them by amalgamating some of the classes during the holiday period.

One of the consistent feedback comments we get from clients is that the classes are full of variety and never boring. We try to alternate the classes so one week is matwork and the next is equipment based. There seems to be a strong preference for reformer classes but the matwork is very important and many of the reformer exercises are based on matwork though often not as difficult as the springs provide assistance in movement. We can of course make the reformer exercises very challenging!

Currently we are interviewing physiotherapists for a new full time position. We are looking for someone who has excellent clinical skills as well as experience or keen interest in developing their experience in Clinical Pilates through the APPI training program. We have had interest from physiotherapists all over Australia and the world. There are three physios now on our short list and we hope to make a decision by the end of the first week in February.

The other good news is we have a wonderful new massage therapist. Michelle’s profile is on the website. She came with excellent references and we have already had some very good feedback from clients. Michelle is extremely keen to become an integral team member and, I hope, advance her training to become an accredited Lymphoedema massage therapist as well. This will compliment Ashley Wiley’s training as a Level one accredited Lymphoendema physiotherapist. The level 2 training is more highly specialized to include neck and facial lymphoedema as well as other more delicate parts of the body. The course is not held very often but we are hoping that there will be one Ashley can
attend in the next 12 months.

The sad news is that Lizzie, our practice manager, is moving on to another job with Aspen Medical. She will be involved in finding suitable locums for rural medical practices. – a new and exciting challenge for her. Her last day is 27 January and we will have a send off dinner on Thursday night. The skills she has developed at Hawker Place Physiotherapy & Pilates over the last 6 years will no doubt help her to excel and we all wish her the very best for this next big challenge.

Angie Fearon now has a full time teaching position at Canberra University within the Physiotherapy Department. This is exceptional professional validation for her and we are very proud of her but we will also miss her greatly. While she will no longer be seeing clients at the practice she will remain a consultant and we can seek her opinion regarding those ‘difficult hips’.

Usually January is the quietest month of the year for us but that hasn’t really been true this year. Apart from more than the usual number of clients we started the year with a physiotherapy student from Canberra University and another two commence Monday 25 January. Our commitment to the clinical education of students in the area of musculo-skeletal physiotherapy (otherwise known as MSK) is a vital part of the culture of the practice. We are constantly striving to keep up with new evidence based best practice and the most up to date research.

Julia has already enrolled in a Lyn Watson Shoulder course in Sydney for mid-February. This will involve an in-depth revision of anatomy of the shoulder including a 3D analysis of the scapula (shoulder blade) as well as the many pathologies of the shoulder and best management. Grant has also enrolled in a ‘Mens Health’ course in Melbourne, coming up soon.

I have two courses in February; one is a weekend in Orange relearning plastering techniques for the upper and lower limbs. In my past life as a nursing sister in the Accident and Emergency Department at Royal Brisbane Hospital I did do a lot of plastering but have not practiced it for many years. There is actually a need for physios to develop this skill in Canberra and our Orthopaedic Network has organized a course in August. Once I have freshened up my own skills I will help as a tutor for the course.

I also have a week in Byron Bay (tough I know!). This course is with Tess Graham and will focus on learning different breathing techniques and exercises for those with asthma, chronic sinusitis and snoring etc. I have attended courses before with Tess and as a consequence no longer require nasal decongestant sprays and my asthma is more controlled. In May I complete the final stage of my advanced TMJ (jaw) training and hope to be able to advance my skills in treating those ‘clicky’ and painful jaws.

I have saved the really big news for last. Julia and Grant are getting married in March – No! Not to each other but there respective partners Mark and Nicole. It will be a very exciting and happy time and we wish them the very best. We’ve been so busy lately so with those two away enjoying themselves we are going to need our new physio to hit the ground running. I for one am not too worried though, the quality of the candidates are extremely high and I am excited for the successful candidate to get started!

Thanks for all your ongoing support and here’s to a terrific year!

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About the Author

Jennifer Kellett established Hawker Place Physiotherapy in 1991 and is the principal practitioner of the family run practice. Jenny has served the local communities of Belconnen and North Canberra with commitment and pride for over 26 years. She is a strong advocate for maintaining fitness, health and well being across all age groups and has a keen professional interest in combining Pilates with weight training for treating postmenopausal women at risk of osteoporosis.

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