Jennie Recently Attended the 2015 ASICS SMA CONFERENCE

The Asics Sports Medicine Australia Conference (formally Asics Conference of Science and Medicine in Sport) is a multidisciplinary meeting held annually for professionals with an interest or a specialisation in the prevention of lifestyle diseases through sports medicine, sports science, physical activity promotion and sports injury prevention. The Conference is interdisciplinary, and its purpose is to ‘to promote knowledge and practice the prevention of lifestyle diseases through sports science and sports medicine by providing an interactive educational forum of the highest standard so that the participation, performance and well-being of Australians engaged in sport and physical activity may be ultimately enhanced’.

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Dr Bruckner speaking at 2015 ASICS SMA ConferenceDr Peter Brukner OAM, MBBS, FACSP, FACSM, FASMF, FFSEM, was the opening speaker for the Conference. He is a specialist sports and exercise physician and Co author of The Sports Medicine Text book ‘Bruckner and Khan’. He was also instrumental in developing the Australian College of Sports Physicians and served two terms as the president of the college. Dr Brukner has been the Chief Medical Officer for the Australian Olympic team and is now looking after the Australian Cricket Team with Physiotherapist Alex Kountouris. He also spent time as Head of Sports Medicine and Science for the Liverpool football club. Dr Brukner gave an entertaining overview of the past 30 years of Sports Medicine through his own experiences. Jennie’s husband, John, was one of the inaugural Sports Physicians of the College.

Jennie Kellett using Diagnostic Ultra SoundJennie also attended the hamstring rehab workshop at Sanctuary Cove Tuesday 21 October – The workshop featured a demonstration of the newly developed ‘Norboard’ hamstring rehab device that digitally measures and compares hamstring eccentric strength and discrepancies between each side. Eccentric strengthening of the hamstrings is the best form of exercise for hamstring tendinopathy. The exercise starts from the high kneel position, then using your hamstrings, gradually lean forward against gravity, controlling your body weight for as long as possible.

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