Post Canberra Running Festival Half Marathon

Sadly, I didn’t manage a PB.  The course was a little more undulating than I had expected and the weather wasn’t the best but, despite these factors, I felt really good except for the last two km’s, so no excuses really. My next half marathon is on 28 May and I am still hopeful for a PB.  The time of 1:55:00 is an important goal for me because according the the marathon race time calculator, I need to achieve this time before my serious build up for the marathon in the second half of the year if I am to achieve a sub four hour time.

There is no doubt my pre race preparation needs some refining.  I really messed up the music settings on my ipod and I had to listen to This Girl is on Fire by Alycia Keys (the first song on my running playlist) over and over and over again – for the duration of the race. The previous day I had been chilling out to Bruce Springsteen’s, New York Serenade while on my vibration platform. It lasts for just over nine minutes and I had it on repeat mode. I forgot to deselect repeat mode! It seemed fitting to be rained on for the last few km’s – that fire was really getting out of hand! I never want to hear it again.

There were a few things I was pleased with. I ran several sub 5 minute km’s when running on the flat sections of the course. I do need to learn to pace myself more though and hopefully this will come with experience. Whenever I felt a little tired and felt myself lagging I concentrated on my form – stay tall/look ahead 30 metres/ relax the shoulders/short strides/move those legs like pistons/slight lean forward etc, etc. It certainly helped to keep me focussed and I often felt a surge of energy after each round of this ‘self coaching’. The last three km’s were the toughest and made me realise I have a long way to go before I will be fit enough to run a marathon.

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Jennifer Kellett established Hawker Place Physiotherapy in 1991 and is the principal practitioner of the family run practice. Jenny has served the local communities of Belconnen and North Canberra with commitment and pride for over 26 years. She is a strong advocate for maintaining fitness, health and well being across all age groups and has a keen professional interest in combining Pilates with weight training for treating postmenopausal women at risk of osteoporosis.

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