Patients receiving one on one private pilates

Taking a Private Pilates Class.

Pilates can help an individual achieve an efficient and balanced body. It is a proven method for building strength in not only your core muscles, but strengthen and improve fluidity of movement throughout the entire body.

Have you ever considered a private pilates class with a professionally APPI certified pilates instructor? There are many benefits to taking a private pilates class, below are just a few of them.

Highest Level of Program Individualisation.

By spending one on one time with your instructor you will more rapidly increase your understanding of your own body’s capability. Your personal pilates instructor will precisely tailor and adjust every exercise and repetition to maximise your potential from each and every session.

Accelerated Progression with Quality of Movement.

By receiving individual instruction you will find that you will be able to progress through the exercise sequence levels more quickly. You will attain an excellent understanding and ability to perform these exercises safely, there by increasing your enjoyment of movement.

Private Pilates Classes For Everyone.

No matter your skill level or abilities, APPI qualified private pilates instructors can adapt their exercises and routines to fit you. They want to help you achieve the goals that matter most to you.

Enhance Your Understanding

With one on one instruction from your APPI certified pilates instructor you can really learn what it means to move well and how to strengthen your body whilst increasing your flexibility, and improving your posture. All of these elements build the foundation of your balanced body.

Accelerated Sports Performance

Apart from being a great method for recovery from work and sports related injuries pilates may help improve performance and increase awareness of efficient movement patterns for your chosen sport or activity.

Calm Environment

For some, having to work out in front of others you don’t know can be a very confronting experience. This stress is lowered by taking a private pilates class. Your instructor is there to focus only upon you. No more worrying about having to ask a question in front of others.


Private Pilates Sessions with APPI Qualified Instructor

Innitial 1 Hour Assessment $130

Single 1 Hour Follow Up Session $130

Single 30 minute Follow Up session $95

Three 1 Hour Follow Up Sessions Pack $351 (10% saving)

Five 1 Hour Follow Up Sessions Pack $552 (15% saving)